goes Digitally Nomadic

One way tickets are booked for Lisbon in Portugal and 19 days to go.

As I am on the verge of hitting the road it made sense to do the same thing for Don’t Care Where as a site.

I have moved it to self hosted which should allow a bit more flexibility on the road and the way I deliver content to it.

The biggest change is moving to a .Club domain, it made sense in a jaunty explorers club way to have this as a domain. I never saw this as just being about my experiences, the whole reason I’m going travelling is to better connect with the World, people, cultures and most importantly with myself, but if it wasn’t for the inspiration from others like Rick StevesNomadic Matt, What’s Dave Doing? I wouldn’t have come as far as I have. It is this sense of community from people so far flung that resonated with me. A club of people that don’t care where in the world it is, just as long as its fulfilling them on some level. So .Club it is.

My travel plans are long form through Portugal and Spain, I will be spending a month in Lisbon, a month in Porto and down to the Algarve for Christmas and the New Year before crossing into Spain into Seville and progressing through the Andalucia. I want to be able to soak in enough of the surroundings before moving on, So I am keeping my itinerary very loose.

If any readers out there have highlights of Portugal I can’t miss then please share those experiences!

So I hope everyone gets used to our new traveling home here. As such this will be the last post (as it were) using the site

Please update any bookmarks or notifications to the new address and keep sending me tips and sharing experiences for everyone’s knowledge and enjoyment.

Hope to see you soon on



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